Customer Stories

We are proud to showcase the real-life successes and achievements of our valued clients over the years. Applied Utility Auditors has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous organizations spanning diverse industries, helping them uncover significant savings and optimize their utility expenses.

SEC Climate Disclosure Ruling
SEC Climate Disclosure Ruling: How Will It Affect Your Company
The recent SEC climate disclosure ruling has set the stage for a transformative shift in corporate reporting. This pivotal development compels companies to unveil their ...
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We Secure Refunds From Verizon, AT&T , Spectrum, Optimum, and All Electric Utility Companies
One of the refunds we secured for a town in New JerseyWe may be able to do this for you.No fee if no refund Good ...
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This is NOT the kind of surprise most businesses want to find in the mail. A seven-person architecture firm in Georgia can attest to that. ...
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Do You Have a Handle on Your Shipping, and Transportation Costs?
Do you have a handle on your shipping, and transportation costs? Our audit partners’ state of the art Freight Software audits a number of attributes ...
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Refunds and Credits Are Available From PSE&G For Building Owners in Major N.J. Cities Call 877 208 0021
THIS CLIENT RECEIVED OVER A $225,000.00  CREDIT    Subject: New Building and your PSE&G bill. My company may help you receive credits directly from your ...
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Whoever or Whomever…. That Is The Question
Whoever or Whomever? Learn the rule (or how to avoid the issue). Whoever or Whomever? Learn the rule (or how to avoid the issue). By ...
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