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We Provide Full Range of Utility Cost Reduction Services:

Delivering Cost-Efficient Results

In this day and age, getting an utility cost reduction consultant to review your utility bills is essential. At Applied Utility Auditors, we provide peace of mind in knowing you’re paying what you should be, but we also help you uncover further savings or refunds if mistakes have been made by suppliers. From checking all charges are accurate and up-to-date to reviewing any historical data for inconsistencies, with our experienced auditor, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars each year – money better spent elsewhere!

Full Range Utility Cost Reduction Specialists

It is our job to find discrepancies and inaccuracies in your energy bills and secure refunds and future savings. We examine factors such as billing errors, rate changes due to contract expiration dates, incorrect meter readings, tariff changes caused by supplier overcharges, or other irregularities – all helping save money on vital business operations.

Call Center Service

We bring you the world's most advanced AI Contact Center, empowering your business to set up a new AI-powered omnichannel contact center in mere minutes.

IT/Telecom Bill Audit

Our experienced auditors meticulously analyze your billing statements, contracts, and usage data to identify errors, hidden charges, and opportunities for cost optimization.

Worker’s Compensation Audits

We take the time to review worker’s compensation policies and bills that may translate into significant savings and look into big differences in your bottom line.

Electricity Energy Bills

With electricity use increasing every year by businesses, it is critical to look at this expense item with a trained eye to discover if any savings can be affected.

Water Sewer Consults

This is an area where we have discovered some of the greatest savings for our clients. We are experts in finding/repairing leaks and securing significant refunds and credits.

Natural Gas Bill Audit

Using relatively new methods, we suggest changes that help minimize the risks in the supply portion of your natural gas bill.​

Solar Energy Consulting and Installation​

We help you determine if Solar Energy is appropriate for your facilities.​

Insurance Risk Analysis

As a risk management professional who does not sell insurance, we provide objective, unbiased advice to identify risk and assist in the reduction of the total costs.

Do You Know What It Takes To Reduce Your Utility Bills?

Whether you’re looking to save on costs or just want to generate additional funds for your business, utility bill auditing ensures your financial position remains healthy by helping you identify hidden cost savings opportunities. Our professional team also protects your growth against potential risks down the road. Allow us to help you regain control over your rising utility bills because, at the end of the day, every penny counts!

Our Promise

Maximize Savings
Eliminate Unnecessary Costly Services
Eliminate Unused Phone Lines
Eliminate Incorrect Utility Bills

Benefits of Insurance Risk Analysis

You might be surprised that reviewing workers’ compensation is an important factor. Workers’ compensation provides financial benefits for injured or ill employees – and reviewing these policies can help you save money while keeping your team safe. A thorough assessment of employee liability protection also allows you to manage risk and benefit from greater efficiency.

Optimizing Cost-Saving Opportunities

The advantages of utility bill auditing cannot be overstated — not only do businesses benefit from cost-savings to improved operations or safety protocols, but we also protect you against unexpected liabilities. With our expertise and knowledge, organizations can make informed decisions about which contingency plan should be kept up-to-date and what new ones might be necessary for minimizing financial loss to reach their business goals. Contact us to learn how we can best serve your business.