Business Overcharged for Utilities? Get a Free Utility Audit

Is your business being overcharged for utilities? With the uptick in rising costs, business owners and municipalities have discovered a pressing need to save money without sacrificing the most valuable assets they have: time and staff.

If you want to reduce monthly business expenses but are not sure where to start, Applied Utility Auditors has a great answer with a personalized Needs Analysis. An often overlooked place to save money in your business is with a utility audit that includes auditing your gas, electric, water, and telecom bills to analyze what your business uses versus what your business pays.

With the expertise and advice of Applied Utility Auditors, we can get the savings you need, with zero risk or cost to you.

How Does Utlity Auditing Work?

The professional auditors at Applied Utility Auditors have over 40 years of experience. We assesses your gas, water, electric, workers compensation, and telecom bills for free.

All of your old utility bills are reviewed in conjunction with your actual usage against your contract with your utility providers. Unfortunately, being overcharged for your utilities is a common occurrence in business and municipality use.

What Can Applied Utlity Auditors Do?

In our four decades of utility auditing we at Applied Utility Auditors have found that the larger the business, the greater the chance you’re being overcharged and paying too much. Many people are unaware that their business could be overcharged for electricity, water, telecom, and gas, which cost your business thousands of dollars over time.

It’s our job to recoup that lost money for you.

Once we have analyzed your business utility bills against your real time usage, Applied Utility Auditors identifies where you overpaid and secures a refund on your utilities. We act on your behalf to negotiate the correct, lower rate with your electric, gas or telecom provider.

What Happens After Your Business Utility Audit?

Within a few days of our meeting, whether it is in person or virtual, you will receive a written report that gives the results of our Needs Analysis. You’ll find specific cost-saving recommendations for your business.

There is no cost or obligation for the Needs Analysis from Applied Utility Auditors.

Call the experts at Applied Utility Auditors today at 888-208-0020 or email us at to get started on getting your money back and get your business on the fast track to saving money today.