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What is a VOIP Number?

VOIP stands for “voice over internet protocol” and is actually a special telephone number that is used to send and receive calls online. This is completely different than regular telephone numbers which get assigned to a particular place or line. And because of this, you can use the internet to call and make calls from wherever you have a VOIP number.

How Does VOIP Transfer Phone Calls?

The Internet connection is high-speed. When you make your call, it is sent as an analog signal over the Internet to be processed by the system. As long as the system is functioning properly, the information transmitted is encrypted and can be decrypted by a user once the computer receives the notification.

VOIP Service Providers Also Offer Other Services

They can video telecom services where you have a computer connected to your telephone line to make phone calls. Another service offered by VOIP companies is web conferencing. This means your office can make calls through your Internet connection and talk to partners and sales leads overseas with ease. No longer will poor latency prevent your remote team from truly replicating a conference meeting. You can also call them while they are in the conference room.

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