Reduce Your Phone Bill By 30% Or More

How do cloud phone systems compare?

A cloud communications and collaboration solution  not only gives you everything you need to simplify and empower your business, it also completely alters the cost structure of both hard and soft costs. Let us look at some of the hard cost savings.

One all-inclusive cloud communications and collaboration solution-All you need in a phone system, plus text, audio and video conferencing, meetings, and team messaging and collaboration. This eliminates the need for additional services from third-party vendors, immediately removing a layer of surplus expense and complexity.

Lower multi-site management costs-Anyone can add phones and numbers, make changes, and handle moves from an intuitive web interface.

Reduced IT maintenance and infrastructure-All handled in the cloud by the service provider, eliminating operational expenses and IT distraction.

Elimination of many telephony costs-This includes removal of several line items such as switches as all voice and UC traffic travel over the internet.

Lower IT service provider costs for ongoing updates- RingCentral handles updates and provides continuous improvements and innovations.

Increased worker productivity- New capabilities, such as direct-extension dialing and the ability to forward calls and faxes to mobile phones make workers more effective;  also handles integrations with leading CRM systems like Salesforce® and Microsoft® productivity tools or suites.

Reduced up-front cost-Phones can be rented, making it a lot easier to upgrade to the latest models without a large initial layout.

Decreased cost of supporting a mobile workforce-The unique  app enables you to turn a smartphone into an office phone, saves carrier costs, especially for conference calling, video meetings, and those associated with international travel.

The cost-saving benefits, along with the simplicity, flexibility, and manageability of unified cloud communications explains the rapid adoption of these solutions by businesses of all sizes.

  • Cloud solutions allow you to move all your business communications to the cloud and benefit from the same cost and operational expense reductions you can experience when you move other critical business applications.
  • Office provides an all-inclusive cloud communications and collaboration solution that can be customized to suit your business needs and budget.
  • Not only can you rest assured that your overhead will be reduced considerably, you will have the peace of mind that your employees have everything they need to do business effectively, today, and long into the future.