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6 Ways a Digital Customer Service (DCS) Boosts Credit Unions 

If you want to enhance member experience, increase efficiency both for clients and employees, and augment member acquisition, a digital customer service platform (DCS) from Applied Utility Auditors is the answer you are looking for.  

When using a DCS platform, you create a seamless experience using any channel you desire in which to communicate with members and potential members.  

Popular DCS Platform Options  
  • Chat 
  • On screen voice 
  • Video 
  • SMS  
  • Phone  

The single DCS platform is the most useful collaborative tool to help you make member service a top priority and easier at the same time. 

How Applied Utility Auditors Can Help
  • Reduce the time to handle inquiries
  • Lower wait times for members to get help
  • Increase member engagements
  • Increase member loyalty
  • Reducing the amount of staff time needed to address member concerns
  • Increase member retention 

This builds stronger, better relationships between members and employees, which ultimately creates a more successful credit union. 

When members can help themselves effectively, it reduces the amount of live support they need to accomplish goals and tasks. When members are happy, members stay. Credit unions see increased retention and grow 

Increase Revenue 

When you make life easier for your members online by providing simple paths to new products such as credit cards, loans, and wealth building products, you increase conversions. A DCS platform will help identify the opportunities where you can increase sales.  

Gaining New Members  

Changing banking institutions is cumbersome and time-consuming. When credit unions streamline the onboarding process and eliminate pain points, they are already demonstrating the higher service expectations that are embedded with a credit union. The easier it is for new members, the likelier they join.  

When credit unions work with Applied Utility Auditors, we will find the best DCS for your financial institution. Applied Utility Auditors are the key to helping streamline important member processes, increase member engagement, and decrease stress for members and employees while growing your business and making a greater positive impact in your community. Contact us today.