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Over 75% of utility / telecom/internet bills are wrong. Are Yours?

1000’s of Customer’s Accounts Audited
80% Overcharged
Average Savings 17%

Get money back at no cost. Over 35% of utility, telecom, internet bills have errors. Do yours?

We review our clients’ utility/energy bills and determine if there are errors or
overcharges that have been paid, that can be refunded.

At no cost to you we have our staff analyze your bills to determine any incorrect charges, i.e.: classification, surcharges, tariffs, taxes, demand charges, etc.
Remember, this program is on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get your refund.
We provide in-depth auditing of utility bills to identify opportunities for cost control, to uncover errors, and to secure client savings and refunds. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here are some examples of the refunds we have secured for our clients:

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Health Care Utility Consulting & Auditing

Allow us to share our 30+ years of healthcare experience. It is our goal to find savings that will allow you to either upgrade systems, operate more efficiently, and to direct more money to your bottom line.

Our auditing is performed on a contingency fee basis. We do the research and legwork required in recovering the money you have already spent and continue to spend. There is no charge to you if we do not find any errors or areas where we can affect savings/reductions. Some examples:

  • We saved Lakeland Healthcare over $1200.00 per month on telephone services which they used to pay for a new telephone system for the entire facility. We provided our in house financing on an installment sale basis. This system also provided dial tone to the residents, providing a profit center that generates over $2,000.00 per month.
  • Provided a system design that upgraded their 30+ year old Dukane hands free intercom system, into a state of the art audio-visual nurse-call system with 2 way voice to the residents, at a savings of $40,000.00 when compared to a new Dukane system.
  • At Liberty Manor Assisted Living we supervised/ acted as G.C. for their low voltage systems including: Telephones for administration as well as the residents, which provided a profit center.
  • Integrated the wireless nurse call, wander, door alarms, and fire alarms to wireless, and wired telephones. A full description and magazine article regarding this unique solution is available in a separate white paper.
  • We also provide a solution to save on utility expenses, and are expert in discovering billing errors.

Do You Have a Handle on Your Shipping & Transportation Costs?

Our audit partners’ state of the art Freight Software audits a number of attributes within each shipping transaction.

What is checked?

  • Delivery date/time
  • Rates
  • Accessorial Fees
  • General Ledger Codes
  • Inbound/3rd Party Usage
  • Residential Delivery Confirmation
  • LTL Class and Much, Much More.

Real time reporting is available by signing on the secure website. The site will offer you the ability to pull down your custom reports.
We help our clients improve their transportation data flow, eliminate carrier miscalculations and maximize efficiencies while saving you money and time. We will amass clean accurate data to be imported back into your accounting software, eliminating overhead and general ledger errors. Our proprietary audit and payment software provides our premier clients a customizable tool to better manage their supply chain costs and increase overall profitability.

For more information or to start getting a handle on your shipping and transportation costs,  Contact Paul Steberger Directly via email or call (877)208-0021

The Utility Audit Process: Kyocera Mita vs. AT&T

Applied Utility Auditors was able to secure a refund for three years of bill errors from AT&T to Kyocera Mita, with over $72,000.00 ultimately refunded to the client.

The beauty of this? Had they not gotten a refund, they never would have paid a dime for our services. Having used Applied Utility Auditors, they had $72,000 back in their bank accounts where it belonged. It’s a no-brainer.
To learn more about the audit process, click here.
Or Contact Paul Steberger Directly.  (877)208-0021

10 Ways to Reduce Your Overhead Costs

Get Money Back from Utilities

1. Get money back from utilities.

Did you know that as much as 80% of utility bills have errors? Utility bill auditors can recover past over-payments without costing you a cent.

 Applied Utility Auditors Can Help

2. Conduct an energy audit.

Professionals can visit your site to identify wasted energy and inefficient equipment. Even recommend shifting some production to off hours to lower your electrical bill. Contact your electricity and gas providers who often provide this service for FREE.

3.    Review TeleCostly Services. 

Nearly 90% of telecom bills are incorrect. A Telecom Bill Auditor can help you recover over payments – and guide you, if necessary toward a more effective and appropriate provider or plan.

Telecom Auditing Specialist  Paul Steberger Can Help!

4.    Limit the Lights. 

Activate lights by motion detectors or turn off lights when not needed. Consider disconnecting lights from unoccupied areas of facilities and replacing them with tap-light.

5.    Soft on the Wallet Software. 

Buy used software – Many online auction sites (like Ebay) have a good selection. Make an investment in your company’s future by turning to the cloud. Cloud Hosted Applications can save you tons of money in ongoing expenses.

6. Stuff the Cracks.

Improve your insulation and seal air leaks on the premises to reduce HVAC costs.

7.    On-site Storage.  

 Stop using offsite storage – make a place on-site or consider disposing or selling it – Remember, out of sight and out of mind does not mean it’s not still out of pocket.

8.    There’s No Place Like Home-Base.  

Stop all non-essential travel and stay close to the office – use the phone, video conferencing or Internet meetings (where documents can be shared between computers).

9.    Cash in on Space. 

Lease out unused office space as office condos or unused facility space as storage space.

10.    Don’t Pay for the Paper 

Many businesses still pay for paper publications out of sheer habit. Magazine, newsletter and newspaper subscriptions can often be converted to electronic subscriptions for less or for free.