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Over 75% of utility / telecom/internet bills are wrong. Are Yours?

1000’s of Customer’s Accounts Audited
80% Overcharged
Average Savings 17%

Get money back at no cost. Over 35% of utility, telecom, internet bills have errors. Do yours?

We review our clients’ utility/energy bills and determine if there are errors or
overcharges that have been paid, that can be refunded.

At no cost to you we have our staff analyze your bills to determine any incorrect charges, i.e.: classification, surcharges, tariffs, taxes, demand charges, etc.
Remember, this program is on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get your refund.
We provide in-depth auditing of utility bills to identify opportunities for cost control, to uncover errors, and to secure client savings and refunds. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here are some examples of the refunds we have secured for our clients:

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A $18,000.00 refund from PSE&G for a New Jersey Fortune 500

This documents a refund we secured from PSE&G due to a malfunctioning transformer
a malfunctioning transformer.
40 OT hours   for maintenance staff, Dave @ 37.50 per hour
Transfer switch   was   ruined due to   repeated engagement; during one event it
engaged 81 times in one hour. $1,500.00
Two Intel xeon Hard drives that crashed   due to voltage issues
1496.00 and 1296.00 for generator repair due to repeated voltage issues
Fifteen tanks of fuel for generator.
Each tank provides 15 hours = 300 hours/24 hours = nine days.
300   gallons @3.15 per gallon =945.00 12/26/2006
Two Servers @4k each
Three IT staff members @ 50.00 per hour for 10 hours each $945.00
We did not   include management time and MIS staff   time that   was
used during   this event.
REFUND $18,945.00
Completed by Paul Reed Steberger
Applied Utility Auditors LLC
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